Video Playback Issues

Are you getting an error message?

In many instances we use YouTube to deliver our videos. If you’re using an ad blocker, this may prevent the videos from loading in the first place. Disable your ad blocker for our pages and refresh the page.
If you don’t use an ad blocker but are using a phone, your phone’s security or privacy settings may prevent the video from loading. Here are more details. In some rare instances your device or browser may need to be updated or some settings need to change.
The easier option is always to try a different browser on your phone, ideally the latest version of Chrome and ensure that you have good internet connection. 
In some cases you may see an error message when you try to watch the summit interviews along the lines of “Video unavailable – This video is unavailable with Restricted Mode enabled”.
This is caused by a setting in your YouTube account.
To solve this navigate to the “Settings” menu within the YouTube website. You’ll need to click on the drop down under “Account” and you will see the Restricted Mode option which you’ll want to disable for the duration of the summit:

Last but not least, try a different device and that should take care of this.
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