I'm having problems finding a buddy in the member directory

To find a buddy and send them a private message, here's what you want to do: 

1. Open the member center and log in: https://feelfabulousoverforty.com/my-account/

2. Navigate to the forum.

3. Enable private messaging in your forum profile - to do that click on your profile image / icon on the top right and select 'Edit profile.' Then at the bottom of your profile settings, make sure that "Prevent members from messaging me" is turned off. If you don't disable this, you will be unable to send or receive messages!

4. Now open the forum and interact with others. The "Partner up" section is a great place to find someone who you may be able to partner up with, and would be the best place to start.

5. Click on their name to open their profile page. If they have enabled private messaging you will be able to send them a private message via the "Message" button. If the button doesn't show up, they have disabled the messaging option in their profile page.
Have fun connecting!
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