How to use Zoom

Zoom is the leading online meeting platform and what we use for most of our live sessions. How to use Zoom differs depending on your device:

  • Are you on a computer? Follow the instructions for computers.
  • Are you on a mobile device? Follow the instructions for mobile devices.
While you can join on a mobile device, we recommend to join on a laptop, Mac or computer.

Join on a computer (recommended!)

Here is a short video on how to use Zoom:
1. Open the Zoom link
You’ll find the link to your Zoom meeting inside the member center. Each program has a different link and you’ll find it inside the dashboard for the respective program.
Important: The link will only work at the time of the scheduled live session. It will not work for replays (look for the replay section instead).
Once you’ve found the link, click it and it will open a page that opens will look similar to this:

If you see a notification pop up you can click “Open Zoom Meetings” which should open the webinar.
If the notification doesn’t pop up for you, you need to download and run Zoom. In this case look for the link that says “download & run Zoom” on the page and click that link.
2. Run the Zoom application
You’ll only have to install Zoom once and if you’ve used Zoom before chances are you can skip this step.
But if you do need to download & run Zoom simply click the link “download & run Zoom”, wait for the download to finish and then double click on the application that has been downloaded. This will then install the Zoom application on your device (it may take a few seconds):

Important: if you use a new Mac or one which has been updated to a recent version of MacOS you will have security settings which need to be configured specifically for the Zoom client. This help page on their site walks you through setting them up to allow Zoom calls to work correctly:
Once the application has been installed it will take you to the next and final step:
3. Join the live session
Once Zoom opens you’ll be asked to enter your name and email. Other participants will only be able to see your name if you ask questions. They will not be able to see your email. This registration is required just to make sure only members are joining our live calls.

If you’re a bit early or the host hasn’t started the webinar yet you can just leave the application running and the webinar will load once the host has joined.

Join on a mobile device (we recommend to join on a computer, not a mobile device)

Install the Zoom Mobile App
Follow the instructions to install the app.
Once installed, click the link to join the Zoom live session inside the member center (you can log into the member center on your mobile device to get the link).
If prompted, select “Use Zoom” to open the link on your mobile device.
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