I don't see my products in my Feel Fabulous dashboard

If you've bought Summit or Program packages from Better Life Summits in the past, these aren't shown on your Feel Fabulous dashboard. Instead, you should check on your Better Life Summit dashboard, here: https://members.betterlifesummits.com/

Any products you've purchased will be listed under 'Your Products', a little bit down from the top of the page:

If they're not showing up, first check that you're logging on to the email address which you used to purchase your products. If you purchased them under one address but later made purchases or subscribed to Feel Fabulous, you'll need to contact us to have your two accounts merged under one email address in order to make them all accessible in one place. Please reach out to us at hello@betterlifesummits.com if this is the case.
Otherwise you may need to reload your dashboard by logging out and back in. You can follow these steps to do this:
  1. Open this page in a browser: https://members.betterlifesummits.com/ (if you're on a phone be sure to use the browser app, not your email app).
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click "Logout" in the footer.
  3. Close this tab / window.
  4. Open this link in a new window: https://members.betterlifesummits.com/
  5. Re-enter your login details MANUALLY (don't use auto-fill details stored in your browser) and click "Login".
This should completely reload the dashboard for you. If you're still not seeing them, you can contact us at hello@betterlifesummits.com to look into it further.
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