How to navigate the Lose Weight With A Full Plate - 21 Day Challenge

After joining the challenge, you’ll find it on your Better Life Summits dashboard:

Here are a few tips on how to navigate it:
Your starting point is the dashboard. You can always come back here by clicking on the 'Dashboard / My Products' link or the logo at the top of the page:

If you scroll down, you’ll find a list of products you have bought listed under 'Your Products' – click on the 'Lose Weight With A Full Plate - 21 Day Challenge' button to access the challenge:

Programs are structured to be followed chronologically top down.
Start at the top with the overview. Click each section one at a time, open any resources in those sections and then come back to make your way down:

Further down the page, you’ll find the daily modules. Open the first one, go through the content and complete the assignments. Again, go top down and don’t skip ahead:

Mark each module that you complete as completed using the button at the bottom of the module:

This will check off the module in the overview and you’ll always know where to continue when you come back later.
For the challenge, a new module will be released each 24 hour intervals for the 21 days of the course, and you’ll find the date and time of the release in the outline as well.
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