Does my package include a Buddy Pass?

By default, digital summit packages like the Early Bird (before the summit starts) or the Summit Offer (during the summit) do not include a buddy pass. 

For a few select summits, we are able to include a buddy pass as follows:

  • The Early Bird package never includes the buddy pass. It does includes digital access to everything else though: all summit interviews, audio downloads, recordings of any additional live summit content, interview transcripts and digital bonuses. With the Early Bird you get a special discount which is only available before the summit starts for our early supporters.
  • After the summit starts, the price for the summit package increases, and in a few select cases a digital buddy pass is included in the summit package after that price increase. 

So if you’re early, you get the lowest price and if you grab the summit package during the summit period you have a chance to share it with a friend or family member.

But please refer to the Upgrade page of the summit for details about specific packages.

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