How do I use my Buddy Pass?

You can give away your buddy pass yourself. Before you do that, please note:

  • This applies only to certain summits and packages.
  • You can only do this once, so make sure you enter your buddy’s email correctly and check for typos (best copy and paste it from one of their emails)
With that in mind, if you have a buddy pass to give away you’ll find this linked in the product page for your summit package in the Better Life Summits dashboard: (requires login).

This will take you to the Buddy Pass section, and the next step is to click on the button here.

On the page that opens you'll find the form where you can enter your buddy’s details and to create their account:

Your buddy will receive an email from with their password, but please let them know that you’ve set up their account and to check their spam folder as well.
If your buddy doesn’t receive their password within 20 minutes, they can reset their password by following these steps:
  1. Open this link:
  2. Click on the link which reads "Forgot your password? Regain access here."
  3. This opens a new page where they can enter your email.
  4. They should receive an email with a password reset link within 10 minutes. Please follow the instructions in the email - it will guide you through how to set up your new password.
We also require for you to get the buddy’s OK before setting up their account because they will receive emails from us and we don’t want to surprise or spam them. So after filling out the details check the box.
Note: The submit button will only be shown after checking the last box on the form.
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